Mac 的奥博滤波器获取周围隐私浏览模式

Private browsing is a web browser mode that turns off your browsing history, 并防止您的搜索和下载被记录. 它不会存储您输入的 web 窗体数据, 不记得密码, 不会创建 cookie.

Aobo Filter for Mac is the only software for Mac OS X that logs web history in private browsing mode.

隐身模式in Chrome, “Private Browsingin Firefox and Safari all strive to do the same two things: make it impossible for users of the same computer to figure out which sites the browser has been used to visit, and make it impossible for sites to know whether or not a particular user has previously visited them.

To keep browsing private from other users of the same machine, browsers must discard (or avoid creating) any history entries, cached items, cookies, and so on. To prevent sites from being able to track visitors, the browsers must ensure that they don’t send any cookies or other identifiable information from non-private sessions when in private mode.

然而, browsersPrivate Browsing protection becomes imperfect when it runs into Aobo Filter for Mac. One of notable features of Mac 的奥博互联网过滤器 is the Web History Recording. This feature will completely log website visits in any browsers for Mac, even if the Private Browsing is activated.

Mac-savvy kids and employees may make use of Private Browsing to hide Internet activities. 然而, with Aobo Internet Filter Mac, parents and employers will easily find out what websites have been accessed.

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