Web 內容過濾軟體是需要在辦公室

It is widely acknowledged that Internet filter should be applied to the students to protect them from the porn and cyber bullying. 然而, Internet safety in office seldom arouses much attention. 事實上, in order to guarantee a favorable workplace, safe working system and efficient working performance, Web 內容過濾軟體 for Mac is more than necessary in office.

Providing employees with a favorable workplace really does matter, which can set up a good corporate image as well as demonstrate a corporate culture with humanistic concern. What if various harmful websites constantly attack the Mac in your office which enables your employees to easily access to the porn or violent websites? To relive from this kind of sufferings, you can apply Web 內容過濾軟體 for Mac which possesses the top-notch filtering technology. You just need to add the keywords of the websites and applications to the blacklist and then all the webs and apps you do not want to visit or use will be out of your Mac. Web 內容過濾軟體 for Mac can render you a pure work facility and a clean workplace.

另外, Web 內容過濾軟體 for Mac can safeguard your company. Any hacker or malware trying to cause damage to your company system or steal the confidential documents will be strictly stopped by the Web Content Filtering Software for Mac. As a result, anyone unauthorized would never access to the secrets of the company. In a word, your company secrets are as safe and confidential as the Web 內容過濾軟體 for Mac.

Last but not least, the business performance is the primary concern of the employers. And the outstanding performance derives from the hard work of your employees. If your employees spend much time on chatting, shopping, watching movies and playing games online, how can your company gain the glorious achievements? So it is quite necessary for you to use the Web 內容過濾軟體 for Mac to block those websites for entertainment, such as Facebook, 推特, Amazon and YouTube. 因此, your employees have to focus on working and contribute to promoting the performance of the company.

還有一件重要應注意瀏覽器將顯示與伺服器問題的網頁或空白頁,而不是告訴你該 web 頁被阻止時 Web 內容過濾軟體 for Mac is blocking websites, so you can be at ease that none of your employees will doubt that their Mac has been installed a filter. Having been aware of the benefits you can get from the Web 內容過濾軟體 for Mac, cannot you wait to download Free Trial anymore?

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