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奧博篩選器 Mac 截圖

奧博篩選器 Mac 功能

Aobo Internet Filter for Mac is a web filter and app filter specially designed for Mac OS X users. The Mac Internet filtering features ensure that all the Mac users are protected from unwanted websites. 奧博 Mac 互聯網篩檢程式 記錄即使在訪問網站 私人瀏覽模式隱身模式. It also provides feature to block programs on Mac OS X, which enables you to easily block Games or any other applications from running on your Mac.

  • Stealth Spy 在後臺運行
  • Block Adult Websites 塊成人網站
  • Block Applications 資料塊應用程式
  • Stop Games from Run 停止從運行遊戲
  • Websites Spy 訪問日誌網站
  • Multiple Users 多個使用者
  • Password Protection 密碼保護
  • Import/Export Settings 導入/匯出設置
  • Sync Settings with FTP 使用 FTP 的同步設置
Web Filter for Mac


Would you like to monitor and restrict kids' internet activities to keep them safe online? Are you thinking of solve the internet abuse issue during working time? Do you want to create a safe network environment in your home or office? Aobo Internet Filter for Mac will help you with the internet filtering and app blocking jobs!

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