Aobo Web Blocker for Mac OS X

Are you worried that your kids or employees are visiting porn websites with home or office Mac? Would you like to know what they are browsing? Do you find that the history have always been deleted when you check in the history folder?

Other than launching the built-in Mac Parental Controls to record the visit history and block porn websites on web browsers, how do you control the websites visiting on the browsers when you are using a Mac? Is there any way of checking the website history even after it is deleted as well as blocking porn websites on Mac? Is there a good Web Blocker for Mac that does not remind the filtering in any way while it is running?

Yes, Aobo Web Blocker for Mac runs stealthily to record website visits in all the web browsers and block porn websites from loading in any web browsers on Mac. It won’t tell others that websites are blocked when they fail to open the websites. Besides, it blocks disallowed applications on your Mac from launching.

Aobo Web Blocker for Mac works with multiple user accounts. If you have several user accounts on one Mac, you can make Aobo Web Blocker for Mac run for all the user account on the Mac. If you have different Mac computers, you can export the configuration file of Black list and White list to a hard disk and then import it to Web Blockers installed on different Mac computers.

Aobo Web Blocker for Mac provides 5-day free trial. If you are seeking a Web Blocker for Mac, check out the Web Blocker for Mac Free Trial.

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