Spy Kids on Youtube with Web Access Control

If you can hear that your kids laughing in their rooms hysterically, chances are they are watching videos with their friends on YouTube. Now we have the data according to YouTube to show that more than 4 billion YouTube videos are watched every day. Maybe you don’t think it is a big deal for children to watch videos on YouTube. Well, if you know what your kids are searching on YouTube, you may feel anxious and worried. According to YouTube’s top 10 stats, kids between the ages of 12 to 18 are searching for music, funny crashes, mishaps, thrilling movie, and they are also searching for sex and porn. Now web access control software can help you get everything your kids do on YouTube under your monitor and control.

Internet Filter for Mac is the most professional web access control software for Mac which works efficiently to help parents control internet access on the target Mac. Every parent wants to figure out what their children do on the Internet or what video their kids watch on YouTube, but they can’t always keep company with them all the time because many parents don’t have enough time and energy to monitor what their kids watch on the computers. So web access control software is a good and powerful helper for all parents because it can allow all of you to monitor all websites that your kids visit on the Internet and to block any websites from being visited on your Mac computer.

Imagine that your children are viewing violent movies or porn videos on YouTube when there are no parents at home, and they often delete some certain web history so you don’t know what they actually view at all, how you know what your kids do on the Internet. Web access control is the best Internet control software which not only keeps track of all websites that are visited but also helps parents control all their kids’ online activities on Mac.

Web access control helps parents record all web pages that your kids viewed on the Internet, so you can easily know what they are viewing on the Internet even they delete the web history. This web control software records all URLs of the visited websites so that you can click them to check what kind of websites that your kids visit on the Internet directly. And the Internet access control software also plays an important role in helping parents block any unwanted websites by adding keywords or URLs to the blacklist of the Web access control software. It helps you easily filter all inappropriate websites on your Mac computer and prevent your children from visiting those bad websites again. It works invisibly on the target computer so your kids can’t find out the websites are blocked.

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