Types of Websites to Use Internet Block Software

The internet is one of the most amazing tools for both people at work and at home. However, as helpful as it is, it can also be devastating for homes and businesses when abused. For example, children can easily stumble on pornographic websites and discover a world you never wanted them to before they were older and wiser. Similarly, your employees may use your internet connection to chat or play online games rather than work. Therefore to ensure that your browsing doesn’t affect your home or business, the use of internet block software is a must. This is where the Aobo Mac Internet Filter comes in the picture.

Particularly designed for Mac Operating System X users, this software is easy to install and comes with no trouble at all. Once it’s running, it will protect users from encountering online threats and viruses while acting as a website recorder that enables users to block impending hazardous websites easily. You won’t have to worry about a thing either as websites are blocked even before they are loaded and only a blank page is displayed to those trying to access them. Moreover, the latest version of this software includes some outstanding features such as:

  • Synchronization of settings with FTP along with several devices
  • Blocking of pornographic and harmful websites
  • Protection of password
  • Working in stealth mode

With the help of this internet block software, you will be able to block numerous types of websites, including the following four:

Pornographic Websites

Pornography is one of the most common online issues these days. In fact, countries like the U.K. are considering shutting down the industry by blocking its websites. However, you don’t have to wait for a nationwide ban to be enforced to save your children from getting exposed to such heightened vulgarity. This internet filter for Mac can easily do this task for you with a few clicks from your side. The best part is that it does not simply display the content as blocked, but rather it indicates that there is some server problem. So, if you want to save your family from such offensive materials, it’s the best time to install this internet block software.

Social Media Websites

The boom of social media is great for fun amusement, but at the same time it is highly destructive when it comes to concentration and productivity. That is why most organizations completely restrict the use of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter during office hours. If you’re a business owner who’s concerned about the productivity of your employees, you can ensure that their social media presence during working hours is down to zero with internet block software.

Even parents will benefit from blocking social media sites during exam days. With teenagers spending approximately 2-3 hours daily tweeting and posting, you can force them to study instead by blocking the main reason they’re distracted. Surely you won’t be on their good list for some time, but once they get good grades, all will be well between you

Online Games Websites

Like social media sites, online gaming websites can act as distractions at workplaces and the homes of exam-ridden students. That is why installing this internet block software can help ensuring higher productivity. Besides, with these blocked, students and workers alike will be able to worry about other priorities rather than who scored more than they did.

Online Chat Portals

Though many use messengers like Yahoo Messenger and Skype to communicate, there are many online chat portals which are meant to allow strangers to socialize. However, aside from being a distraction, chat portals are a parent’s nightmare since you never know who your child is chatting with and what they might do to them. Therefore, rather than tracking down what goes on between your child and strangers, nip it in the bud by blocking these sites altogether.

Blocking the aforementioned sites has numerous benefits for parents as well as business owners. So, download and run the Aobo Filter for Mac to avail them.

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