Bloquear Sites no Firefox Mac

Bloqueio de sites é útil no caso de você quiser restringir o que seus filhos navegar online. Dado que existem muitas pessoas perguntando sobre como bloquear sites no Firefox para Mac no Yahoo, fóruns, comunidades, etc., the expert of Internet Aobo filtro para Mac will guide you to block websites in Firefox for Mac.

Apply Professional Filter for Mac

Aobo Filter for Mac is an internet filter and web blocker for Mac OS X users. The Mac internet filtering features promise that all the Mac users will be protected from unwanted websites.

  • Run automatically and stealthily when Mac starts
  • Filter websites/URLs from Black list
  • Stop programs in App Filter list from running
  • Record visited websites in any browsers
  • Add website history to White list or Black list
  • Work on every Mac user/current Mac user
  • Password protected of Aobo Filter for Mac

Nota: Aobo Internet Filter Mac blocks any web sites or web pages from any web browsers on your Mac.

Install Firefox Web Blocking Add-ons

There is no in-built options to bock websites in Firefox for Mac. No entanto, Firefox does have a large selection of extensions and add-ons to block the websites that you want.

  1. Go to Firefox add-on page, search for "BlockSite".
  2. Download and click "Add to Firefox" to install the add-on.
  3. Clique em "Install Now" to continue installation.
  4. Clique em "Restart Firefox" to finalize the installation process.
  5. Clique em "BlockSite" – "Preferences" to load the options.
  6. Clique em "Adicionar" and then type in a website URL.

Repeat step 6 to add websites that you want to block in Firefox. Then click "Okey" to save changes. If you set up a password, you will be prompted to enter it every time you try to change the "BlockSite" details.

The above way is easy to get around. Apply a secured professional Internet Filter for Mac is recommended.

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