How to Ensure Parental Internet Safety

Aobo Internet Filter for Mac provides you with solutions that will help you make the Internet experience of your family members safer and ensure Parental Internet Safety.

Kids nowadays use the Internet as a daily tool to connect with friends, entertain themselves, and get help doing research or homework. However, almost as long as the Internet has existed, numerous dangers and risks, like porn and violence, lurk in the cyber world and look forward to an ambush on your kids. Parents should rely on Parental Internet Safety solutions to filter out unfriendly content that kids may run into without hesitation. Parental Internet Safety tools like Aobo Internet Filter for Mac have been around that have offered parents these kinds of tools, with varying degrees of success.

Parental Internet Safety has been one of the most important problem for parents. Many kids don’t tell their parents what they do online. They play inappropriate games for long time online, visit websites that contain content you don’t want them to see or download files that are illegal or harmful to your Mac. Therefore, it is important for parents to be aware of what websites their children are visiting online and block bad websites and games. Aobo Internet Filter for Mac offers effective solution to help parents with the problem of Parental Internet Safety.

Aobo Internet Filter for Mac works as a web and application blocker. These Parental Internet Safety tool takes a more active role by blocking websites and applications that are deemed objectionable.

  • Blocks access to websites based on domain, URL pattern, or keywords
  • Blocks applications including IM, torrent downloaders, games and so on
  • Log website history in any browsers (work with Private Browsing mode)
  • Run automatically for all users at Mac startup and stay in stealth mode

Parental Internet Safety tools like Aobo’s include the most advanced web filter features. Parents are able to set up rules of computer and the Internet use for kids easily with Parental Internet Safety and protect them from bad stuffs online.

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