Aobo Filter for Mac v2.0 Released

Aobo Filter for Mac v2.0, popular parental monitoring and blocking tool for Mac users, was released on September 11, 2012.

Mac OS X 용 Aobo 인터넷 필터, one of the most popular parental control software and Internet filtering software for Mac, helps Mac OS X users to secure their Mac devices by blocking porn websites, stopping games/applications and recording accessed websites on Mac.

What’s new in Aobo Filter for Mac v2.0?

  1. Improved Filter Engine
    • The website blocking and logging will become more accurate. The web accesses which are not manually performed by users on their own will not be logged to the history.
    • The keyword matching algorithm gets improved as well. The texts inside non-related content of a web page will be ignored during keyword matching, which will reduce faulty web blocking.
  2. Fixed some severe problems
    • The system crash and memory leak on the Mac installed with Aobo Filter for Mac v2.0 won’t happen any more.
  3. Improved the security
    • The invisible configuration files will be encrypted, which is more secure. The configuration files of old version will be automatically encrypted after update.
  4. Improved the usability
    • The Uninstaller file was updated and users will be guided step-by-step to remove the program.
    • An upgrade helper ""/"" is added, which helps users to update Aobo Filter for Mac with ease.
  5. Fixed some other small bugs

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