Cosa si può fare per la sicurezza Online per bambini

Ecco alcuni suggerimenti per la sicurezza online per bambini da esperto di sicurezza di Aobo Software. I genitori possono trovare utile per proteggere i loro figli.

What Parents Can Do

  • Keep computer in family area to better monitor your child’s activity
  • Regularly spend time online with your child to learn about his or her interests and activities
  • Teach your child to end any experience online when he or she feels uncomfortable or scared
  • Establish an atmosphere of trust and understanding with your child by not blaming him/her
  • Discuss the difference between advertising and educational or entertaining content
  • Establish strict rules for ordering products (and then monitor credit card bills)

What Parental Control Can Do

  • Block access to websites identified as inappropriate for kids
  • Permit access only to applications specifically approved for kids
  • Allow you to specify websites that are appropriate for your child
  • Monitor your kidswebsite visits on a computer
  • Allow you to set different restrictions for each family member
  • Limit results of an Internet search to content appropriate for kids

What Parental Control Software You Can Choose From


Make sure you ask what criteria the tool uses and how the evaluation process works; then check out the tool yourself.

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