Aobo filtro per Mac Protegge Kids Online

Parents use Aobo filtro per Mac to prevent your children from being connecting with illicit websites and proteggere i bambini online by blocking access to certain websites and applications.

Mentre Internet diventa sempre più prevalente, un numero crescente di persone hanno ora accesso ad esso. The Internet is a great place to find useful and important information. Tuttavia, the Internet is also fraught with illicit websites that can be harmful to your children and computer. In order to prevent your children from being connecting with illicit websites and protect your kids online, and your computer from virus infected websites, it is important to block access to malicious websites. You can try Aobo filtro per Mac.

  • Filtering Features

Are you worrying about children wasting too much time on the Internet? Are you depressed that your kids have watched pornography? Be relaxed! Aobo Filter for Mac blocks any websites on the Internet and certain games or applications as you want. It blocks the websites in the blacklist from loading in the browser and allows only specific websites in White list. You can do this by keyword or URL.

  • Monitoring Features

Want to know what your kid is doing online? Does he or she search inappropriate materials? Aobo Filter for Mac records any websites visited in Safari/Firefox/Chrome and any other web browsers even in Modalità di navigazione privata. Any visited websites will be logged into web history and any website history will not be deleted with the cleanup of the web browser history. So children cannot hide what they did online. By checking the web browser history, you can add the inappropriate websites to Blacklist to make your Mac Internet Filter works better.

Mac offers a couple of options for parents who want to block websites from their kids. Tuttavia, they can be time consuming. Pertanto, you can try Aobo filtro per Mac. It can protect your kids from porn and dangerous websites and provide them with a green and safe network environment.

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