Prendi una rete sicura con filtro rete di contenuti

The Internet has become part and parcel of whether families, agenzie di governo aziendale o scuole e altro ancora. Usually all of these organizations are faced with the need to control access to inappropriate materials web sites. Since there is a variety of information and content on the Internet, people have more chance to find what they want. Unfortunately, many bad websites will pop up suddenly and automatically on your computer screen, which is unsafe for your computer or contain much bad information such as pornography or violent games. And many improper usage of the Internet makes a bad effect on the valuable bandwidth consumption. So a network content filter is essential for everyone to control your network in order to make it safe and effective.

Aobo Filter for Mac is the most effective and flexible filtro rete di contenuti for Mac available today. It can be used on Mac to help people block any unwanted websites and applications secretly. It allows parents to block all web sites that they don’t think it is suitable for their children to visit. The network content filter software makes it possible for everyone to filter whatever they want on the Internet by simply adding the URLs or keywords of the web sites to this web content filter for Mac. Con Aobo filtro per Mac, parents can protect their children from being suffered by bad information online any more. And managers also can use it to control the network of your employees. Per esempio, since so many employees are unaware of the network bandwidth consumption associated with watching videos, listening to music online, Questo filtro rete di contenuti can help you block some popular video sites such as YouTube to help you prevent them from goofing off during the working time.

Il filtro rete di contenuti blocks not only unwanted web sites but also blocks improper games or applications from running on your Mac. All you need to do is to add the program to App Filter list, and then Mac web content filter will help you block it once it starts to run on your Mac next time. Inoltre, Aobo Porn Filter provides people with logging features to record all web sites visited on the Internet. The URLs and titles about the web sites are logged clearly, so you can check all of them to tell if they are right for your kids or employees to visit on the Internet, which is quite convenient for you to control the network.

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