Internet Blocker Mac con le funzioni doppie

Aobo Internet Blocker Mac has dual functions which is not only a web filter, application filter but also web monitoring software for Mac OS X. In questo modo, you are ensured to have a safer and cleaner Internet for your Mac.

Primo, the simple but powerful web and app blocking feature of Aobo Internet Blocker Mac ensures Mac users to be protected from the Internet threats. Just adding the keywords or URLs to the blacklist, you can easily block certain unwanted websites, games and applications from running on your Mac. The website blocking happens before the loading of the websites, what is more, the result will show you a blank web page or suggest that there is server problems with this page, instead of telling you that the web page has been blocked. Therefor the Mac user will not be given a hint that a filter is installed on the Mac, that is to say, il Internet Blocker Mac offers you undetectable Internet blocking function. Now your kids, spouse or employees as well as yourself could unconsciously enjoy safer and cleaner Internet.

Next, Aobo Internet Blocker Mac also provides website recording functions, which renders you to block the potentially unfriendly website timely and handily. It records all the websites visited even in private browsing mode or incognito mode. Once catching some improper websites on your Mac, you can decisively add them to the blacklist, thus making the filter working more complete and convenient. If you check on the logs and find some newly visited websites that is potentially dangerous to your kids, you can immediately add them to the blacklist so as to protect your kids from Internet threats. Nel frattempo, if you are in favor of some websites and applications which can benefit people a lot, you can add them to the white list to encourage your kids or employees to visit them frequently.

Inoltre, if you want to make Internet control accessible to all users on your Mac, you do not need to install it to every user account, since Aobo Internet Blocker Mac supports multi-users. Just clicking the tab to configure the setting "Apply the settings to all users", now you can update the filter to all users. It guarantees the automatic running and filtering when users login to the Mac.

Aobo Internet Blocker Mac is a piece of reliable filter software for Mac with dual functions. E poi, it is featured with legal and secure usage as long as you do not misuse it for illegal purpose. The installing, running and checking of the Internet Blocker Mac is protected by encrypted passwords, so you can feast on the safe, clean Internet in total relax.

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