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As the most professional family filter for Mac, Aobo Mac Filter aims to help you filter any unwanted websites or block any unhealthy websites and create a clean Internet to every family. As we all know, the Internet has become an indispensable medium in our daily life. People like to use the Internet to communicate with the outside world and to get different information on it.

Tuttavia, now the Internet seems to go a bad way, this would be bad news for users. Per esempio, whenever you open the web pages, much spam such as unhealthy advertisement, porn information, and violent videos will pop up suddenly on your Mac, which will make you feel unprepared. E poi, the Internet has the versatility that no other system hasso people nearly can do whatever you want to do with it. Thus you should focus more on monitoring your family Mac use on the Internet. Con il family filter for Mac, you can use it to block the unhealthy websites from being visited on your family Mac.

The Mac family Internet filter provides you with the useful blocking features which help you block whatever websites you don’t want to visit. You can block the porn and any other types of websites by adding keywords or URLs into the black list of the software. Next time if the Mac is started, all the websites which contain the keywords or URLs will be blocked quickly and automatically. And the most important thing is that the family filter for Mac will show a server error instead of blocking reasons. It will help your family member view the bad web pages online.

Kids all like to play computer games on the Internet. Come un genitore, you should take more care of their online behavior in case that they become addicted to playing games on the computer. Il family filter for Mac allows you to block the unwanted applications or games from running on the Mac, which can prevent your children from being addicted to computer games.

Last but not least, il family filter for Mac helps every Mac user record all websites visited in any browsers. If your family members visited any improper website that you didn’t know, these logs will help you confirm whether they view some bad web pages on the Internet. E poi, its professional edition logs all network access and show you as a list with time stamps. You can add the websites that you think it is harmful for them to visit to the blacklist, so it helps you create clean Internet for your family.

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