Ottenere pulito Internet con Software di filtro dei contenuti per Mac

Al giorno d'oggi molti siti porno si verifica su Internet, è necessario utilizzare il filtro dei contenuti per aiutare il tuo pulire Internet. A Software di filtro contenuti for Mac from Aobo, appositamente progettato per tutti gli utenti Mac, deve essere la scelta migliore per filtrare i contenuti Internet che non volete guardare. Now let’s see how the Filtro dei contenuti per Mac helps you clean the Internet.

  • Record siti Web visitati
    There are so many resources on the Internet that you can find whatever you want. Il Software di filtro contenuti for Mac can help you record all websites that your whole family members visit, so you can check it and figure out which websites is not suitable for them to visit and then you can put the website into the filter. Next when you use the Mac, it will help you block the website automatically.
  • Eventuali siti web porno filtro
    Are you worrying about that your children will look at the porn websites online? Most parents will be worried about this problem. It is reported that more and more children is addicted to visiting porn websites and they often become social isolation and have mental illness. Il Software di filtro contenuti for Mac will completely help you filter these porn websites. You just need to set the keywords like "sex, sexual, porn" or other unhealthy words in the filter, it will block any websites that include the keywords you set.
  • Bloccare qualsiasi applicazione e giochi
    It is popular for young people to play computer games nowadays. 95 percent young people like to play games online and 50 percent out of them are addicted to computer games. Many parents don’t know how to deal with this problem. Now don’t worry, you just need to install the Filtro dei contenuti per Mac on your Mac, it will block ant application and games that you don’t want them to play.

Inoltre, il Software di filtro contenuti for Mac runs in stealth mode so that others cannot easily find that the websites are filtered by Internet filter software. You can still keep your existing Internet connection and you just install it in a few minutes. It does not slow down your Mac network speed. By using Aobo Internet Filter per Mac, you can get clean Internet and can protect your family from Internet garbage.

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