Aobo Mac Parental Suite – Keylogger & Filtro per Mac

Aobo Mac OS X Parental Suite è un nuovo servizio di prodotto fornito da Aobo Software. This parental suite contains Aobo Keylogger per Mac Professional Version and Aobo filtro per Mac, entrambi sono strumenti di controllo di accesso potente per gli utenti Mac OS X.

Aobo filtro per Mac, a new Mac Parental Control product apart from Aobo Mac Keylogger, is a quality Internet monitoring and blocking tool for Mac that can be used to block sites, block applications and monitor website visits. Differing from Mac built-in Parental Control, it is applicable to all Mac user account, including Admin Account. And its blocking features are more than filtering preset websites and programs. You can add or remove any URLs and programs from filter list as you wish to make them available/unavailable. Another feature of Aobo Filter for Mac is that it perfectly logs websites visited in any browsers, even if the Private Browsing is enabled.

Aobo Keylogger per Mac, a popular monitoring Keylogger for Mac, can be used to log keystrokes, websites, and screenshots and chat conversations. It will tell you clearly what was going on at the targeted Mac. The Keylogger Professional Version even records passwords typed on the Mac. With email reports, you can easily get informed what your kids are doing online at a remote location. But it doesn’t block sites nor block applications on your Mac. To perform complete access parental control on your Mac, we suggest you to apply Aobo Filter for Mac as well on your kid’s Mac computer.

Now Aobo launches discount policy of Aobo Mac OS X Parental SuiteBundle of Aobo Mac Keylogger Pro and Aobo Mac Filter Personal License. It means that you will get this parental suite at only 179.95 USD, which saves you 20 USD! E poi, you will get lifetime support in case you have any difficulty in using these parental tools.

Before purchase, you may would like to test Aobo Mac Keylogger and Filter for Mac parental suite. Please go to and download free trial copies of them.

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