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Filtre Aobo pou Mac D'

Filtre Aobo pou fiti Mac

Filtre Aobo entènèt pou Mac is a web filter and app filter specially designed for Mac OS X users. The Mac Internet filtering features ensure that all the Mac users are protected from unwanted websites. Aobo Mac entènèt filtre nan dosye ki te vizite menm nan sit wèb la Mòd Sur pwive ak Mòd incognito. It also provides feature to block programs on Mac OS X, which enables you to easily block Games or any other applications from running on your Mac.

  • Stealth Spy Travay nan jan nou koumanse
  • Block Adult Websites Sit wèb granmoun blòk
  • Block Applications Aplikasyon pou blòk
  • Stop Games from Run Sispann! / rete jwèt nan kous
  • Websites Spy Wèb bout bwa ki te vizite
  • Multiple Users Nèg miltip
  • Password Protection Modpas pwoteksyon
  • Import/Export Settings Apwè ke/Export nòmal
  • Sync Settings with FTP Dantèl sync ak FTP
Web Filter for Mac

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Would you like to monitor and restrict kids' internet activities to keep them safe online? Are you thinking of solve the internet abuse issue during working time? Do you want to create a safe network environment in your home or office? Aobo Internet Filter for Mac will help you with the internet filtering and app blocking jobs!

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