How and Why of Temporary Website Blocker

Internet today is full of undesirable porn content. As children of today have easy access to Mac, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that they do not have access to compromising content. Many filters are available today that allow for temporary or permanent blocking of websites. Some internet users prefer using the temporary website blocker as they are not comfortable with blocking a site completely.

Which apps to use

Popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Opera come with built-in website blocker tool in the form of plug-ins and extensions. These filters have to be installed by the user and checked periodically for effectiveness. Google Chrome store offers an app called Temporary Site Blocker that can be used as a temporary website blocker. This app is quite effective and serves the purpose but only moderately. A smart child may actually know how to lock and unlock this application. The very fact that this filter is easy to use may boomerang as children of today are extremely enterprising and smart. It is therefore imperative to look for a permanent solution to the issue.

Which ones to block

If you are on the lookout for an effective solution to temporarily block porn sites and prevent access to your kids, it is necessary to look for a good porn filter. Apart from the porn sites, filters must also be able to prevent harmful advertisements that are hosted with the specific purpose of downloading adware, spyware, Trojan and viruses on to your desktop.

The best temporary website blockers use URLs and IP address to recognize and block internet connectivity. Site blockers help recognize porn content and other malicious content designed to cause harm to the system. This is similar to what big companies use to monitor employee internet usage.

Most of these companies block social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Rediff, Yahoo and so on with the help of website blockers and proxy server. The same type of application is now offered by sites like to prevent any viewing of porn content. Such filters are extremely useful at home as well as in companies where you can be assured that no one can access uncompromising content

Features offered by top porn website blockers

The importance of protecting your child from being exposed to the porn sites on the internet cannot be stressed enough. Top porn temporary website blocker sites like make this job easy for parents by providing reliable browser extensions. Website blockers block any applications, games and sites from running. This means users can block porn and other sites using keywords or URL. Aobo Filter for Mac also comes with password protection and runs automatically in a way that it cannot be detected. Using Aobo filter for Mac, it is also possible to track browsing history and work with all user accounts.

This filter is highly efficient and reliable and offers optimum protection for your family from porn sites backed by the best filtering algorithm and URL filtering technology. Such filters are very easy to install and use. Filters integrate seamlessly into Mac operating system and works with any internet program and browsers such as Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Aobo Filter for Mac and other top porn filters is extremely user friendly and automatically blocks porn sites. They run in a stealthy manner and cannot be easily detected. Just install this filter and enjoy great peace of mind. Apart from the temporary website blocker, Aobo Filter for Mac also offers other software that provides parents with greater control over web usage. Apart from blocking all websites with porn content by blacklisting them, this filter can also be programmed to block online games or computer games in an automatic manner.

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