Internet contrôle Parental Mac

It takes considerable time to learn how you can use the wide resources available on the Internet both safely and effectively. Internet de contrôle Parental pour Mac comes in place which shields them against harm in the same way that they have to be protected against dangers in real life.

Ce qui doit être fait

Online Safety is a serious problem for parents today. Education and parental involvement are the best defenses.

  • Educate children to the problems and perils, so they know what to avoid and what to look out for.
  • Control what a child’s can do on the Internet including what websites to visit and what applications to use.

Apple Mac Solutions

Apple Internet de contrôle Parental pour Mac allows administrators to choose some limits regarding what Standard and Guest users can access while using their Macs. You can use Contrôle parental de Mac OS X to help prevent user accounts from accessing inappropriate content on Internet websites. The Internet content filter is built into the core of the operating system, allowing it to filter Internet access regardless of which Web browser is used.

Des Solutions tierces

Une tierce-partie Internet le contrôle Parental pour Mac provide more blocking and filtering features. Filtre Internet Aobo pour Mac blocks porn and other websites by keyword or URL. It also has a App Filter list, by which you can prevent unwanted games and applications from running. D’ailleurs, Aobo Internet Filter for Mac logs websites visited on the Mac. Parents are allowed to back up the settings by exporting Blacklist and Whitelist settings.

De nos jours, keeping your kids safe on the Internet has never been more challenging. Cependant, with the Internet contrôle Parental Mac tools, parents will feel at ease by conveniently filtering inappropriate content out of the Mac.

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