Aobo Filter for Mac OS X Professional

Filtre de Aobo pour Mac professionnel

Computer becomes an indispensable facility in many offices and organizations. Cependant, many employees are unable to use it appropriately, they are watching inappropriate videos, shopping on the internet, playing the computer games, which give rise of the low working efficiency. C’est pourquoi, blocking unsuitable websites and applications is really important.

Aobo Filter for Mac OS X is a piece of Internet Filtering Software for Mac OS X users. It effectively blocks porn websites, games and inappropriate applications sur Mac. Aobo Filter for Mac is designed with the feature of logging website visiting as well, which helps you retrieve and identify visited websites from any web browsers.

Key Features of Aobo Filter for Mac Professional

  • Start working automatically when user logs in
  • Work with multiple user accounts on your Mac
  • Block Porn and other types of websites by keywords
  • Filter unwanted websites by adding website URLs
  • Stop undesirable applications running on your Mac
  • Prevent unsuitable games from the running on your Mac
  • Sites Web visités Records même en mode de navigation privée
  • Synchronize Aobo Filter for Mac settings with FTP
  • Export/Import Black list & White list to/from Mac
  • Customizable password and hot key for your Filter
  • Mac admin password required for installation

Internet Filter for companies, schools and other organizations

Aobo Filter for Mac - Restrict Students
Enforce Policies effectively

Do you know if your Internet policy is being violated? How do you make your students toe the corporate line? Aobo Filter for Mac keeps a close eye on what websites your employees visited on the Internet. It records the URLs, date and time of the visited websites, so you can quickly know who break the policies, which helps to execute the policy effectively.

Aobo Filter for Mac - Block Websites
Track and Check the Internet Use

Aobo Filter for Mac helps you restrict the Internet visit of your employees, but there are still some websites that you don’t know and also didn’t add to the filter list. It is able to monitor and detect all URLs of the visited websites, so you can add the inappropriate websites to the filter list timely from the recorded website logs.

Filtre de Aobo pour Mac - Monitor Employees
Catch Internet Abusing Employees

Do you figure out why your employeesworking efficiency is so low? Do you know who abuse the Internet at work time? Company time is precious and should not be misused. It is really difficult for people to focus on the work-related web pages with so much information online. Aobo Filter for Mac monitors the Internet use of employees easily so that managers can take actions as soon as possible.

Aobo Filter for Mac - Control Internet Use
Constraint Employee Online Behavior

How do you manage your employeesactivity online efficiently? What can you do to make your employees focus on their work? The professional employee monitoring software helps you control the Internet use of your employees with setting the blacklist and white list. D’ailleurs, you can also synchronize all settings remotely with your preference.

Filtre de Aobo pour Mac - Increase Productivity
Increase Employee Productivity

With Aobo Filter for Mac professional edition, all employees’ performance is under your control. The real-time surveillance from Aobo absolutely reflects what your employees do on the Internet. It stops your employees from misusing the Internet and playing games online in the office, so you can help them focus attention on their work and improve employee productivity.

Special Features of Aobo Filter for Mac Professional

Bloquer les sites pour adultes
Block porn and various websites by keywords or URLs

Aobo Filter for Mac Professional is built in with some frequently-used porn keywords. Once the Mac user opens a website which contains 2 or more matched keywords, Filtre de Aobo pour Mac professionnel will take quick actions and stop web browser loading it . You can also customize the list by adding new or removing current keywords.

Block Games Applications
Prevent games and applications from running on Mac

Aobo Filter for Mac Professional also deals with game addiction. Avec Filtre de Aobo pour Mac professionnel, you can easily prevent World of Warcraft, Call of the Duty and any others from running by adding them to App Filter. You can also prevent disallowed applications such as App Store and Instant Messengers from running.

Record Web History
Log websites visited in any web browsers on Mac

Figuring out what websites have been visited is helpful when you want to confirm whether users are behaving properly on your Mac. Filtre de Aobo pour Mac professionnel logs all network access and shows you as a list with time stamps. You can add these websites to Blacklist or Whitelist, thus the filter will work more effectively on your Mac.

Paramètres de synchronisation avec FTP
Synchronize All the Filter Settings with FTP

Aobo Filter for Mac Professional users are provided with the feature of synchronizing the filter settings with FTP. You can easily set up Filtre de Aobo pour Mac professionnel on any Mac by configuring the FTP connection. If you have no FTP account, you can also use Export feature to back up customized Blacklist and Whitelist.

Work with Multiple Users
Support multiple users on your Mac with one click

Aobo Filter for Mac Professional works with all user accounts including Administrators. Filtre de Aobo pour Mac professionnel will work at userslogin with the option "Run the filter everytime your Mac starts (For all users in the Mac)" checked . If you change any settings, please be sure to clickApply the settings to all usersto update the settings to other users.

Screenshots of Aobo Filter for Mac Professional Edition

Aobo Filter for Mac Professional Besoin de surveiller les employés sous Mac OS X? Découvrez Easemon!
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