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Aobo Internet Filter for Mac is a web monitoring and blocking tool specially designed for Mac OS X users. Simple but powerful blocking features ensure that all the Mac users being protected from unfriendly websites and applications. It also provides website recording function, which enables you to block potentially dangerous websites handily.

Asennus Aobo Internet Filter for Mac

Käyttäjät voivat avata Aobo Internet Filter for Mac ikkuna painamalla pikanäppäintä Shift+Option+A on keyboard after installation. After pressing the hot key, you will be promoted the interface of Aobo Internet Filter for Mac as below.

Aobo Internet Filter for Mac

Vinkkejä setup Aobo Internet Filter for Mac

  • Napsauta -/+ to remove or add keywords/URLs from the lists in Web-suodatin tab.
  • To block applications, please click + to add programs into Sovelluksen tunnisteiden luettelo App suodatin tab.
  • Verkkohistoria shows you the visited links in any browser. Valitse Lisää valkoiselle listalle/Lisää mustalle listalle to allow/filter selected links.
  • Suosittelemme, että määrität salasanan suodatinta Turvallisuus välilehti ja Ota salasanan muutos. You also can set it to run for all users or only the current user.
  • To back up Blacklist and Whitelist settings, you can use import/export options in Etukäteen tab.
  • Älä unohda rekisteröidä suodattimen napsauttamalla Astua anniskeluoikeudet avain on the lower left corner if you purchased the filter.
  • Käytä pikanäppäintä Shift+Option+A to call out the filter interface and make changes next time.

Synchronize Settings (Vain Professional)

Aobo Filter for Mac Professional käyttäjät voivat synkronoida Kaikki asetukset with FTP.

Remote directory: the path to place configuration files (such as "/list")
Host name: FTP IP-osoite tai domain-nimi
Port: 21
User name: FTP-käyttäjätunnusta
Password: FTP-salasana


  • The Remote directory refers to the folder you’d like to place your lists. Don’t forget to put "/" before the folder name.
  • The Host Name is the URL of the website that hosts your FTP account, not your user name. Esimerkiksi:
  • If your FTP account has a different Port number, please use its own one.If you have no FTP account, please Saada yksi kumppanimme.

Start to Synchronize:

  • Valitse "Lataa" to update the local configurations with the remote configuration files in the FTP server
  • Valitse "Lataa" to update the remote configuration files with the local configuration files.
    The function is used to backup the configuration files or deploy the settings to all the Mac computers by "Lataa automaattisesti asetustiedostot" feature.
  • By checking "Automaattisesti lataa asetustiedostoja välein XX minuuttia", you can update Aobo Filter settings remotely.
    You can set up Aobo Filter and then "Lataa" the configuration files or modify the configuration files directly from the remote FTP server, then all the settings including blacklist, whitelist, passwords and hotkey will be updated automatically to each Mac computer.

Voit myös Vienti/tuonti the Blacklist and Whitelist to/from your Mac on "Etukäteen" tab.

Lakata toimimasta suodatin

  • To stop the filter from running, please uncheck any of the options Käyttää suodatinta, aina, kun Mac käynnistyy.
  • Huomautus: This step is only for disabling the filter instead of uninstallation.


  • Kahdentaa click Uninstaller.Command in the filter installation package.
  • Enter your admin password. The password you typed in is hidden so you can’t see it, just type it and press Enter/Return.
  • Quit the Terminal.

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