Further Explanations of Aobo Filter for Mac

Running in the stealth and undetectable mode

No matter how reasonable reason you have, it is better to undergo the blocking behavior silently and secretly. Or, it can ruin the unity of the group or even arouse the resistance of some aggressive person. In a sense, the invisible operation is really necessary.

In fact, the invisible operation is the basic foundation of the Aobo Filter for Mac. As long as the Mac starts, it can start its blocking functions immediately that you needn’t do anything more.

Details of the Feature:

  • Run automatically and invisibly when the Mac starts.
  • The customizable hotkey is needed to open it.
  • The password can be set to protect it.
Stealth Mode

Block the undesirable websites by keywords/URLs

In order to preserve the useful information and block websites, the white list and the black list come into being. As long as the keywords or URLs is added to the blacklist, they won’t appear on the website at all. Reversely, the contents on the whitelist can appear normally as usual.

As for home usage, the blacklist is really practical. Parents can leave the white list blank. In this way, the forbidden websites are only the contents in the blacklist, however, for the official usage, the white list should give first priority.

Details of the Feature:

  • The built-in porn filter blocks porn websites automatically.
  • Block certain websites by adding URLs to the blacklist.
  • Block a kind of websites by adding keywords to blacklist.
  • Control the web visits by adding or deleting URLs/keywords to/from whitelist.
Filter Websites

Stop the unsuitable applications from running

The unsuitable applications, especially the violent and blooding computer games, can distract us from our work and our job which should be blocked definitely. In fact, as long as you have put the application to the filter list, the application itself is unable to work normally.

That is to say, the filter software for Mac can stop the unwanted applications from running effectively. With the easily operating system, you are able to add or delete the application in the filter list with several simple clicks.

Details of the Feature:

  • It is optional to enable/disable the application filtering engine
  • Block apps by adding the app icons to Aobo Filter for Mac
  • Block games, instant messengers, download tools and more easily
Block Applications

Block all kinds of computer games from running on Mac

The computer game becomes increasingly common and popular among teens with the widespread use of the computer and Internet. It is investigated that over a million people log on to different Internet-based games every day. What an amazing number!

Many teens have been addicted to the computer games and can hardly get rid of the virtual world. Parents should make use of some parental control software such as Aobo Filter for Mac to help your teens get out of the game world. It can block both online games and no internet-connected games.

Details of the Feature:

  • Record the URLs of the websites about the online games.
  • Record the date and time when the users visit.
  • Block certain web pages of online games by adding URLs to blacklist.
  • Block all web pages related to the games by adding keywords to blacklist.
  • Prevent the game applications by adding apps to the blacklist.
Block Games

Record website history

Nowadays, many young people, especially the tech savvy, are quite familiar with the private browsing mode that won’t leave any website history on the browser. It is really hard to capture the real website history if you rely on the website history completely.

Aobo Filter for Mac captures website history even if the private browsing mode is applied. Meanwhile, with the button to add the websites to the blacklist and white list separately, it is very convenience to finish your blocking behavior smoothly.

Details of the Feature:

  • Log web history in every web browser on Mac.
  • Track the website visit even if in private browsing mode
  • Keep a list of the URLs of visited websites for direct checking.
  • Record the date and time when the sites were visited.
  • The logged websites can be directly added to the whitelist or blacklist.
Log Web History

Set password to protect the Aobo Filter for Mac

If you intend to log into the interface of Aobo Filter for Mac, there are two basic steps available. The first step is letting the filter appear on the desktop with the hot key. The second step is to enter the correct password.

The password protection of Aobo Filter for Mac ensures the security of your configuration. If the user intends to log into the interface of it, entering the correct password is the essential step. The password is another barrier that should be noticed.

Details of the Feature:

  • The default password is blank.
  • The new password can be customized by your own.
Password Protection

Import and Export Configuration and Filtering Settings

Aobo Filter for Mac allows users to import or export configuration files, black list and white list of the program freely.

The importing/exporting feature makes it easy to set up Aobo Filter for Mac in several different machines. You can load the black list, white list and other setttings on another Mac OS X with simple steps.

Details of the Feature:

  • You can export/import, whitelist, blacklist and configuration files.
  • You need to be at the Mac to export/import settings.
Sync Settings with FTP

Synchronize the settings with FTP(Professional Only)

Aobo Filter for Mac puts forward the standard and the professional edition. In fact, the additional function of the professional version is that it can synchronize the blacklist and the white list of the websites with the FTP server.

As long as you have discovered anything inappropriate, you are able to change the configurations remotely. Meanwhile, you are able to add the omitted the keywords or URLs to the filter list and delete the redundant one. Then, your amendment is workable to other computers definitely.

Details of the Feature:

  • You can set a time interval to let Aobo Filter to sync settings automatically.
  • Remote adding or deleting keywords/URLs is allowed as well.
Sync Settings with FTP

Support multiple users on Mac

Aobo Filter for Mac allows you to switch from the current user to all users freely according to your personal requirements. In this way, whether you are parents or employers, it will be easy for you to keep control of multiple users on the Mac.

If you are the employer in the company, you are able to apply the settings to all your employees. Meanwhile, the parents can choose to apply the settings to the accurate user only. What’s more, it is simple to operate for you.

Details of the Feature:

  • Sync all settings to other users with one click.
  • Monitor all user accounts on a Mac with 1 license.
Support Multiple Users
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