What is Facebook Filter Software

Facebook filter software refers to a kind of software which is usually used to block Facebook web pages on the Internet. In today’s world, it has become more and more important and necessary for people, why?

Entering social networking is somewhat the best way to keep in touch with. Hundreds of social networks exist and the most popular one – Facebook – has more than 800 million members! "If Facebook were a country," says Time magazine, "it would be the third largest, behind China and India". It is well known to us all that Facebook is so popularly used all over the world that it has not only good but also bad effect for many people. The Facebook filter software helps you monitor and control all things occurring on the Facebook pages of your kids, your lovers or others you care.

However, many people also don’t think it’s a big deal for using the Facebook because they think that everyone on the Internet is unreal and they won’t know you at all, let alone hurt you. So many people don’t think it is necessary for them to use the Facebook filter software to control their behaviors on Facebook. It sounds as though it makes some sense, however, don’t forget some intangible but dangerous things occurring on the Internet, such as sexy pictures or videos, flirting instant messages, unhealthy ads, or some bad guys and more. All of these seem not to be very dangerous to you directly, but you must be affected negatively if you always deal with those things or people.

The Facebook filter software provides flexible filtering functions for users, so you can choose different ways to block any Facebook pages you want.

  • Block all Facebook web pages
    This kind of filter Facebook software can block all Facebook web pages by adding keyword "Facebook" to the blacklist of this Facebook filter software.

  • Block certain Facebook web pages
    For blocking certain Facebook web pages, you can add its URL to the blacklist of the Facebook filter software. In this way, you can filter unwanted Facebook web pages opening on your computer.

  • Block Facebook desktop client
    The Facebook filtering software also can block Facebook desktop client applications by adding the applications to the blacklist of the Facebook blocking software.

  • Record all visited Facebook web pages
    The Facebook filtering software also helps users to record all Facebook web pages that are visited on the Internet so that you can check if there are some inappropriate Facebook web pages visited by your family members or others.

Internet Filter for Mac is such kind of Facebook filter software which allows people to block any Facebook web pages or applications automatically and professionally. It works on your Mac safely and secretly without being detected by users on Mac. For example, if you want to restrict the Facebook behaviors of your kids on the Facebook but don’t want them to know, this Facebook filter software can meet your needs to record and block silently by showing server errors when some web pages are blocked secretly by the software. Once set up on your Mac, it runs to block Facebook automatically without any notifications, download one to have a free trial right now!

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