Bypass Incognito Mode and Log Websites in Chrome

To bypass Incognito mode and get the website history of your kids, you need some effective tools. One of the most effective tools for Mac OS X users is Aobo Internet φίλτρο για Mac.

  • Log the website history even in Incognito mode
  • Block all the unwanted websites and applications
  • Finish the monitoring and blocking functions silently
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As a parent, you have been trying to find out a list of web pages viewed in Google Chrome visited by your kids to make sure they are doing well online, but every time you find there is no website history stored in Google Chrome. The truth is, nowadays, parents know how to check website history in web browsers but kids know how to bypass the monitoring by clearing the web history or visiting websites within the Κατάσταση ανώνυμης περιήγησης in Google Chrome.

What is the Incognito mode in Google Chrome?

Incognito mode in Google Chrome is one kind of known private browsing modes among kids. In Incognito mode the data accessed by your kids is not stored on your Mac by any means. It means no one can say about browsing history by checking Google Chrome history. Ως εκ τούτου, sometimes the feature of Incognito mode in Google Chrome turns out to be the biggest headache for parents who want to make clear what kids are doing online.

Why do you need to bypass the Incognito Mode?

As long as your kids search on the Google Chrome in the Incognito mode, you are unable to know what your kids are doing online. Not to mention the ability to protect them. The Incognito mode in Google Chrome hinders you to master your kidsonline activities, it is quite essential to bypass the Incognito mode in Google Chrome.

How to bypass Incognito mode in Google Chrome?

Aobo Internet Filter for Mac is a web monitoring and internet filtering program for Mac that can bypass Incognito mode in Google Chrome and logs websites. Επιπλέον, it catches every website accessed on the Mac, no matter what web browsers your kids are using. Here are the main functions of Aobo Internet Filter for Mac.

  • Monitor Online Activities even in Incognito Mode
    The most significant web logging feature of Aobo Internet Filter for Mac is that it logs websites visited with the Incognito mode in Google Chrome. You may find some bad websites accessed by your kids when you are checking the web history logged by Aobo Internet Filter for Mac.
  • Block Undesirable Websites and Applications
    The feature of blocking websites is also available in the Aobo Internet Filter for Mac. When you find the inappropriate content dipped into by your kids, what you should do is adding them to the black list of the filter for Mac and these websites will be blocked out from your kids’ Mac.

With Aobo Internet Filter for Mac, Mac OS X users are able to bypass Incognito mode and log visited websites in Google Chrome without complicated operations.

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