Wie Facebook auf Mac zu blockieren

Facebook has growing number of users worldwide. The social networking phenomenon started as a way of American students and teens to keep in touch. It is rapidly catching up with MySpace, and has left others like Bebo in its wake. But there is a dark side to the convenience and fun Facebook brings to us. Porno, drugs, cyber-bullying and other dangerous information or activities have been flooding the Facebook service. How to Facebook auf dem Mac zu blockieren becomes a great worry among schools, parents and guardians. Aobo Mac Web Filter is what these concerned people need.

What does Aobo Mac Web Filter do?

  • Facebook-Seiten separat zu blockieren
    Aobo Mac-Web-Filter unterstützt Mac OS X-Benutzer Facebook blockieren webpages such as Facebook profile page separately by adding the exact web page URLs into Black List.
  • Facebook-Dienst vollständig blockieren
    Wenn Sie möchten Facebook blockieren service completely, please add "www.facebook.com" to Aobo Mac Web Filter Black List. Users will be blocked from Facebook entirely.
  • Block Facebook Desktop Client
    Aobo Mac-Web-Filter können auch verwendet werden, um Facebook blockieren desktop client applications which enable Mac users to interact with Facebook stream without using web browsers.
  • Kontrollkästchen Facebook Seiten besucht
    Aobo Mac Web Filter auch Wiederherstellungen Facebook-Webseiten your kid browsed (including Private Mode) even if the website history has been deleted by your smart kids.

Sie können auch Facebook blockieren and any other social network access in specific times by editing Aobo Mac Web Filter black list. Aobo Mac Web Filter works with every web browser on your Mac. Once set up, it Facebook blockiert out of your Mac without notifications.

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