Why Use Blocking Software for Mac OS X

Nowadays, the Internet is more and more popular in our daily life, however, it also exists more potential dangers around our life. Every day we will browse many websites on Mac, but is all the information useful or healthy for you? Most people will say "No". There are some many different kinds of websites on the Internet, and many web pages will pop up automatically which often make us crazy. Therefore, it is necessary for all Mac users to use blocking software for Mac to protect our Mac from Internet dangers. Here is why:

    More Cyber Crimes Occur on the Internet

    It is reported that more and more Cyber espionage activities are done on the Internet, and the size of the Cyber crime estimate has surprised some experts. In fact, most criminal like to use some virus-included websites accessed by less experienced people on your Mac to steal sensitive information. And they may commit a crime by using your information or your bank account and so on. In this case, a blocking software for Mac is necessary.

    More Porn Websites Unrestricted on the Internet

    Many people are bugged by the unrestricted websites online, especially for some parents. It is normal that unrestricted porn websites suddenly pop up on a home Mac when you and your kids are experiencing the Internet. Your kids may be attracted by these websites or materials that are harmful for children’s growth. Therefore, it is really necessary for you to install a blocking software for Mac to ensure your children’s safety online.

    More Violent Content Occur on the Internet

    Now there is more violent content occurring on the Internet and they seem to be more and more popular. If teenagers are continually exposed to the violent and bloody videos, they may imitate the action in the videos. If your children visit some webs like that, these information may deeply root into their subconsciousness, which may lead to awful consequences. To block websites that contain these videos, you can use blocking software for Mac.

For the reasons above, we can know that it is urgent for everyone to install a website blocking software on your Mac to protect your family members’ online safety. Aobo Internet Filter for Mac is a website blocker Mac users to block websites that are unwanted or unhealthy. You just need to set some keywords that the websites may include, it will automatically block porn websites and others containing listed keywords . Its powerful blocking function can help you completely far away from Internet dangers.

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