How to Block A Single Web Page on Mac

For one reason or another, you might find it necessary to block your Mac from accessing a particular web page instead of the whole web site. For example, you want to block a Facebook page from being viewed by your kids or others. Some Mac savvy citizens may suggest users modify hosts file on Mac to block web sites. However, you may find that editing hosts file does not work in blocking a single web page. It is only feasible for blocking web sites.

Is there any chance that I can block a single web page on Mac? Sure! You can trust in Aobo Filter for Mac! Aobo Filter for Mac will identify exactly what you want to block and take the accurate operation. To block a web page from your Mac, please follow the below tips in Aobo Filter for Mac:

Let’s take!/BlockSitesMac as an example. These steps will block the single Aobo Filter Mac Twitter page but won’t effect the other Twitter service.

Now you can hide your Filter for Mac, leave the blocked web page alone and enjoy customized Twitter. You can use this way to block any web page from visiting any browser on Mac.

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