Block Unwanted Websites with Control Internet Software

Control internet software is an effective way to block several websites which may be unfavorable or harmful to other users in any way. This software determines the content or websites that are permitted on a particular system. Several website blocking software can be found for the Mac platform offering a whole plethora of options. However, many people often enquire about the functionality of this software in different scenarios. This software is often used by various companies to block employees’ access to several websites. This is often done to reduce worker redundancy and prevent them from spending too much time on social networking sites or other similar distractions.

Another popular use of control internet software is for filtering out websites available to kids. With all the pornography, violence and inappropriate material on the internet, it is important for parents to protect their children from these possible risks. Website block is the only option remaining for parents since it is impossible to block every pop up or prospective risk presenting itself. There are many other similar applications of website blocking that can be in a whole range of scenarios.

With the Aobo Filter for the Mac at offers a complete range of features with which internet control becomes much easier. In the case of many control internet software programs, people would often browse in private mode or incognito mode to avoid filters. However, with the Aobo Filter for the Mac, you can be rest assured that you are always a step ahead since these tricks do not work. Apart from websites, you can also opt for the feature that blocks not just websites but also programs on your computer so you can gain more control over the use of your computers.

Features to look for

When looking for any software to block websites, the first thing you need is something that can block pornographic content. The Aobo Filter doesn’t just block these websites automatically, but it also has a blacklist with several website names that cannot be accessed thanks to the control internet software. Once any user tries to log on to these websites on the blacklist, a screen will appear stating that the page has been blocked. That said, the user will have no idea that a website blocking software is in use and is the cause behind the issue.

Secondly, pornography and violence is not the only cause of worry. The software you pick must also block applications or games that have a tendency to distract users for a long time. The Aobo Filter software also blocks a whole lot of programs including games and popular applications that may be keeping your kids of employees distracted for longer than desired. Similarly, any applications or games deemed to be inappropriate can be directly blocked using the software.

Any control internet software must also simultaneously keep track of all websites visited in the form of logs. With Aobo Filter, you can get these website logs irrespective of the browser that has been used to access these pages. The software allows users to mark inappropriate websites that are automatically added to the blacklist making it much easier to block websites without much of an effort.

If you are looking for a free website blocking software, you can check out the trial version of the Aobo Filter for the Mac. This version will give you a fair idea of how to block a website and also explore other features of the software. This control internet software is available for a whole range of Mac versions including Mac OS X 10.6.x, 10.7.x, 10.8.x as well as 10.9.x so make sure you pick the relevant version for your Mac powered computer.

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