How to Use Application Blocker for Mac

Aobo Internet Filter for Mac is an app and web filter specially designed for Mac OS X users to block games and any other unwanted applications running on your Mac easily. So it is necessary for you to know how to use this Application Blocker for Mac appropriately.

Install Application Blocker for Mac

After downloading the package of Aobo Internet Filter for Mac, you can open it and enter the installation interface. Then you need to type your name and password to install the software. After that, click "Restart" tab to reboot your Mac thus finishing Application Blocker for Mac installation.

Set up Application Blocker for Mac

Once Aobo Internet Filter for Mac installed, you can enter the hotkey "Shift+Ctrl+A" to bring up the Aobo Filter Windows. On the App Filter tab, please check "Enable the application filter engine". After that, you can add applications into the filtering list by clicking the small "+" button. Please notice that you should add the main runner of an application which is normally in Applications folder in Finder.

At the same time, you can add the keywords or URLs of websites that you don’t want to visit to the Black list in "Web Filter" tab.When the software blocks a forbidden website, the webpage will show server problem or blank page of telling you that the page is blocked.

Aobo Internet Filter for Mac can also record website history, so whenever you find that the URLs in the Web History tab is obviously or potentially dangerous or beneficial , you can add them to the blacklist/whitelist. Under double-filter, you can get a cleaner Internet for your Mac.

Aobo Filter for Mac will runs in stealth mode and never give any clue of its existence, so you are totally relieved from being suspected that an Application Blocker for Mac is installed. We suggest every user set a secretive password in "Security" tab to protect the filter and change hotkey for the security of the settings.

If you purchase the professional edition of Aobo Internet Filter for Mac, you will be able to synchronize the settings to all Mac users with an FTP server on the Advance tab. By configuring the FTP settings, you can fulfill the synchronization so that all the settings including blacklist, whitelist, passwords and hotkey will be updated automatically to each Mac computer. You can also Export/Import the Blacklist and Whitelist to/from your Mac on Advance tab.

Uninstall Application Blocker for Mac

Just running the Uninstall.command in the filter installation package, you can completely remove Aobo Filter for Mac from your Mac.

Following the above step-by-step introduction, you can easily grasp how to use Application Blocker for Mac handily and appropriately. Now download Aobo Internet Filter for Mac Free Trial to have a try.

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